Active 1st year members graduated within the last 12 months from chiropractic college and gain access to our ever-growing membership benefit list. In addition to our incredible efforts to advance the profession and advocate on your behalf, CCA General Members get these benefits and more:

  • Affordable health insurance option,
  • CE and Non-CE webinars, and On Demand webinars are significantly discounted or free,
  • In-person CE courses are significantly discounted,
  • Member Deals (exclusive entertainment and travel discounts),
  • Discount supplies and services,
  • Included in our find-a-doctor site accessed by patients through our public awareness initiative,
  • Access to members' only articles,
  • Access to members' only templates and forms, and
  • Access to our incredibly knowledgeable staff for practice information.

Active Members have the right to vote, may be eligible for office*, may chair and serve on Committees of the CCA and may attend meetings of the CCA.


*Must be a member for 2-years prior to running for the CCA Board of Directors.

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