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Advanced Business Webinar Series with Dr. Michelle Wendling

This program is not available for continuing education credit.

Michelle Wendling
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The goal of this business class is to provide students & new chiropractors with the key information they will need to create, build, and sustain the practice of their dreams.  This course covers setup, launch, marketing, and ongoing patient education to assist each chiropractor in building a successful & SUSTAINABLE practice.


This event is FREE for members!! 

Nonmembers pay just $99 - registration fee is donated back to the CCA!


Each webinar will be recorded and available for free for members to be watched at any time in the future!


I.              Create it!-What Type of Practice Do You Want? - September 12, 2018

a.    Keys to a Successful Office Set Up

                                               i.     Must Match YOU

                                              ii.     Low Overhead

                                             iii.     Cash V.S. Insurance Options

                                             iv.     Shared Space or Lone Practitioner

                                              v.     Associateship VS Independent Contractor VS…


II.             Set it up! - October 10, 2018

a.    Funding to Get You Started

                                               i.     What you actually need to open?

                                              ii.     How much funding is required?

b.    Business Systems

                                               i.     Office Flow

                                              ii.     Documentation -Paperwork/EHR

                                             iii.     Scheduling

                                             iv.     MONEY

c.     Treatment Protocols

d.    Staff Preparation


III.            Get People There!- Marketing Not Sales - November 14, 2018

a.    Who is your ideal patient?

b.    Marketing Set up

                                               i.     Online- Website, Google Places 

                                              ii.     Social Media- What and how much

                                             iii.     Events- Booths, Lunch & Learns, Interactive

1.    Internal and External Events

                                             iv.     Exposure- Where YOUR People Are

1.    Build Community and Become the Expert


IV.           Keep Them Happy!- Patient Retention - December 12, 2018

a.    Set Expectations- Good Patient Education

b.    Get Results- Be a GREAT adjuster

c.     Continued Patient Education

d.    Awesome Patient Experience


V.             Continue to Grow! - January 9, 2018

a.    Patient Referrals

b.    Patient Education on Each Visit

c.     Out Reach and Marketing NEVER Stops

d.    Be a Part of Your Chiropractic Community!

e.    Follow Up for Follow Through


This seminar does not count for Continuing Education credits. 



Michelle Wendling's Profile

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All Seasons Chiropractic Sustainable Health Center

Dr. Michelle Wendling DC graduated summa cum laude with a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life West Chiropractic College in 2005. She opened her practice All Seasons Chiropractic Clinic right out of school and now has a thriving referral based practice in Denver Colorado. Dr. Michelle Wendling has extensive experience working on the body. In 2001 she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Sports Science from Colorado State University. She has worked in massage therapy, physical therapy, as a personal trainer for over 15 years.


Dr. Michelle Wendling also serves as president of the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners appointed by Governor Hickenlooper to protect the public. Dr. Michelle Wendling D.C. was also awarded the Rising Star Chiropractor of the Year in 2013 and 2015 by the Colorado Chiropractic Association for her service to the chiropractic profession through coaching, education, and volunteering. Dr Michelle DC is a Practice Enhancement Expert and enjoys helping chiropractors build and expand the practice of their dreams!

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