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Carrick Institute Presents: Introduction to Pain Reset with Dr. Freddys Garcia

Total Credits: 1 Live CE Hours



This presentation is an introduction to the Pain Reset-Neuroscience as a Chronic Pain Solution course offered by Carrick Institute. 

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Pain Reset-Neuroscience as a Chronic Pain Solution:

This presentation has been developed with the objective of introducing chiropractors to the latest in pain neuroscience for the purpose of improving clinical outcomes regardless of ones's practice technique. By learning to understand how our nervous system processes and blocks pain we gain knowledge of what to do when our techniques fail. 


Carrick Institute will be hosting the full Pain Reset-Neuroscience as a Chronic Pain Solution course in Denver, May 4-7, 2023. 

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Use code CCA250 for $250 off the tuition price! 


This class will not be offered on-demand after the live webinar, please join us live to hear from Dr. Garcia! 

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Please contact us at (303) 755-9011 for instructions.

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