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Dr. Eric Nepute, D.C.

Nepute Wellness

Dr. Eric Nepute is one for the most respected physicians in the United States.  He is well known for a Truth and nothing but the Truth approach to health and wellness. He lives by the motto: If you have the ability to make a positive change, then you have the responsibility to do so.   

Dr. Nepute was born and raised on a working farm in a very small town in central Illinois. 
Dr. Eric jokes there were more pigs on the farm than people in his town. As a young boy Dr. Eric was always fascinated with the human body and athletics. It was an injury that he suffered while playing college football that led him to the life of chiropractic and wellness care.
Since that time, Dr. Eric Nepute has become a sought-after speaker, author, and physician.

Dr. Nepute’s unique approach to health and wellness has led him to grow one of the largest health and wellness organization in the country. Currently Dr. Nepute owns and operates 12 facilities and manages or affiliates with an additional 32 offices. His ability to take complex operations and make then into simple and effective systems is his expertise. Dr. Nepute also trains and consults hundreds of physicians across the country on his Wellness Wheel System and has helped thousands of patients get their lives back with these methods. His high energy and high impact presentations have landed him on stage nationally as well as internationally. You do not want to miss the Opportunity to hear him speak.