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Kevin Sharp, DC

Dr. Kevin Sharp, founder of Sharp Chiropractic in Winston Salem, NC is one of the country’sforemost experts in the areas of compliant clinical documentation and insurance industrystandards. His expertise includes a combination of active chiropractic practice, continuingeducation, teaching, consulting and advisory work.

Noted for delivering informative and inspirational lectures to chiropractors and their staff, Dr.Sharp is a sought-after speaker on chiropractic issues as well as an advocate for chiropracticpatients with insurance carriers. With over 20 years helping and caring for patients, he hasdeveloped a keen perspective on how to communicate, document and tell the story of a chiropractic patient.

Among Dr. Sharp’s achievements has been serving as the instructor for the North CarolinaChiropractic Association’s “Adjustor Training Program,” where he presents a chiropractic model of treatment to Liability Adjustors. He was also instrumental in bringing a number of GroupHealth, Liability, Work Comp and allied insurance professionals together to work with the chiropractic community.

The recipient of numerous industry awards, Dr. Sharp was recently inducted as a Fellow intothe International College of Chiropractors, one of the highest honors given to doctors of chiropractic.

A native of Flint, Michigan, Dr. Sharp is a graduate of the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic,receiving both the President’s and Clinical Excellence award. He opened Sharp Chiropractic in1998 and, to this day, his greatest passion continues to be caring for patients in his dailypractice. Dr. Sharp is married with six children.

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