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Chiropractic and Insurance: Value, Reimbursement, and Opportunities-On Demand

This program is not available for continuing education credit.

Dr. Garret Rock, D.C.
54 Minutes
Audio and Video


Chiropractors deliver the highest value to insurance companies for neck and back complaints. Despite this, Chiropractors are among the lowest paid. A change is needed. In this webinar, Dr. Garret Rock D.C. & CEO of Colorado Integrated Care Network will present research, how Chiropractors can leverage their value to increase referrals into their offices, the big opportunities for Chiropractors to improve insurance reimbursement, the art of discussing care options with patients, and you will learn how these opportunities create change in chiropractic practices!

Dr. Rock will share:

  • How Colorado Chiropractors compare to other provider types for neck and back complaint outcomes;
  • Total cost of care comparisons for Colorado Chiropractors versus other provider types;
  • How value-based healthcare is rapidly changing the Colorado market, and the big opportunity for Chiropractors;
  • Why Colorado primary care physicians need to steer to Chiropractic more often;
  • How Chiropractors can leverage their value to increase referrals from primary care physicians;
  • What opportunities Chiropractors have to improve insurance reimbursement








Dr. Garret Rock, D.C.'s Profile

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Colorado Integrated Care Network

Dr. Rock’s role in healthcare is value-based musculoskeletal healthcare system development. As healthcare stakeholders demand better value from the healthcare delivery system, clinical systems must shift to organizing around outcomes rather than disciplines, driving provider behavior through data-driven decision support, embracing technology tools that improve communication, and engaging patients. As the CEO of CICN we've become one of the first multidisciplinary physical medicine networks to develop such systems, including a proprietary software suite. The results are astounding; 47% fewer patient visits to achieve resolution, 34% total cost of care savings, and substantial reductions in utilization of costly imaging, pharmacotherapy for musculoskeletal complaints, minimally invasive procedures, and unnecessary surgery. Our goal is simple, deliver the right care at the right time in a stepwise approach. Thus far, CICN is proving that doing so results in better outcomes and more affordable care. I am proud to be leading an innovative organization that looks first to delivering a better experience to consumers and helping reduce soaring healthcare costs. I am thankful to be at the prime of my career at a time where innovation is welcomed and needed. Thus, in putting the consumer first business success is a natural outcome.

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