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Personal Injury Basics with Ramos Law

This program is not available for continuing education credit.

Randy Manning, J.D. |  Dr. Jim Hoven, D.C.
1 Hour 30 Minutes
Ramos Law Office - Northglenn, Colorado



Looking to learn more about the world of Personal Injury?  Join us at Ramos Law where Ramos Law Managing Partner Randy Manning and Dr. Jim Hoven share the basics of PI care…from the perspective of BOTH law and medicine!

The following topics will be covered:

•    Importance of the exam, and physical
•    Writing an effective patient story in a PI case
•    The PI patient “lifecycle”
•    Understanding Colorado’s Lien Law
•    How to connect and communicate with different provider types
•    Answers to all your PI-related questions!

Whether you are a new doctor, a cash practice that has patients that get injured in auto crashes, or you just want to learn more about Personal Injury, join us for this interactive program hosted by Ramos Law on April 13th from 12:30-2:00pm. Lunch will be provided! 


This program is not available for continuing education credit.


Randy Manning, J.D.'s Profile

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Ramos Law

Hello! My name is Randy Manning, and I am the Managing Partner at Ramos Law. I was born and raised in Colorado. I attended Colorado State University as well as the University of Denver. During law school, I worked with a great attorney and mentor of mine, where I learned how much people need help when they are forced into a dispute with an insurance company. I have been very fortunate to pursue this path in life. After law school, I started my own practice and worked with Ramos Law. Having seen firsthand how much good Ramos Law was doing in the community and how many people they were helping, I decided to join the firm in 2021 as the managing partner. My role in this position is to oversee various legal strategies, processes, and organization within our firm, which fits in greatly with my skill sets and experience.

Prior to this opportunity, I was involved in a heavy litigation practice in a wide variety of areas. I have conducted a variety of civil and criminal jury trials, achieving many favorable verdicts. Most recently I have focused on long-term projects involving multiple government entities as well large loss cases.

Outside of work, I am married and have three kids with who I spend my free time. Prior to starting a family, I was very involved in coaching baseball. I coached high school teams at Englewood High School, Legend High School as well as some club teams that would travel from Georgia to California for tournaments. I was very fortunate to coach some of the best baseball players in Colorado.

Dr. Jim Hoven, D.C.'s Profile

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Ramos Law

Hi! My name is Dr. Jim Hoven and I’ve had the pleasure of taking care of patients as a Doctor of Chiropractic since 1991. Throughout that time, I’ve met hundreds of people who’ve suffered injuries as a result of accidents on the road or at work, and thousands of patients who needed help with pain or who just wanted to feel good or perform at their best. Regardless of the type of care my patients needed, the thing I found the most rewarding was watching their quality of life improve when they felt good!

One part of my career that I’ve treasured dearly has been the opportunity to teach, speak and train thousands of people across the United States in the area of health and wellness. I’ve been so very fortunate to speak to companies of all sizes about dealing with injuries and stress and have also been asked to train thousands of chiropractors and their team members in the areas of chiropractic rehabilitation and soft tissue work, business best-practices, and proper coding and documentation procedures.

All of my past experiences have prepared me to serve our Ramos Law team and every client who puts their trust in us to walk them through the incredibly challenging time following an injury, or after having been treated poorly. For me, it’s an honor to act as a guardian of the people who need someone to be on their side.

As COO for Ramos Law, I have the incredible experience of serving our CEO Daniel Filbert and Dr. Ramos by using my experience in business systems and leadership training to have a positive impact on each department and each team member within the firm. I also get to assist our team members through training and resource opportunities that allow them to grow and to take care of our clients at the highest levels..

When not at work, I love spending time with my wife and kids as well as the incredible group of friends I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by. Being outside, fly fishing, exercise and watching football all recharge my batteries so I can give my best each and every day.


Ramos Law Office

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