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Dr. Mike Carberry, D.C.

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Mike Carberry, D.C has a B.S in Marketing from Stockton University and started his career in Advertising/Sales. After a serious neck injury, Mike was left to think he would live the rest of his life in pain, that was until the chiropractic adjustment that changed everything for him. From this experience Mike returned to school to earn his doctorate in Chiropractic from Life University. This set Mike on his lifelong journey to ensure that 100% of the public understand chiropractic care should be at the center of their healthcare. Dr. Mike Carberry is a nationally renowned author and speaker on the topic of healthcare, business, ethics, chiropractic philosophy, functional rehabilitation, and medical necessity. Dr. Carberry has spoken at multiple venues across the country including Approved Continuing Education for Ohio, Florida, Texas, California, Arizona and most recently the 2022 Keynote speaker for the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors as well as Tennessee. Dr. Mike Carberry along with his wife Coleen, a physical therapist, founded Advanced Medical integration. AMI aligns professionals from the Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture and Medical profession to work together in an integrated healthcare setting. Establishing healthcare practices with likeminded healthcare providers will introduce chiropractic care to 100% of the population. Dr. Mike Carberry is the Founder of AMI.

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Establishing Medical Necessity, Compliance, & Documentation in an Integrated Model

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Dr. Mike Carberry, D.C.
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Medical necessity is a word that as Chiropractors we get reminded by our CE requirements. The reality is that as practitioners we need to make sure that we are caring for our patients in the best way ...

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